Chanonry Point

Lighthouses on the East Coast of Scotland

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Chanonry Point - Rosmarkie
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Place of the lighthouse

The Lighthouse

The Clythness lighthouse has a short circular-section tower, a plain railed gallery, and a lantern with single tier of triangular panes. The Keepers houses were in a flat-roofed block with bracketed eaves. The cliff-top site is evident. The fluted sundial was a 'Northern Lighthouse Board' standard. This lighthouse was built as economically as possible during the First World War (1916) to provide guidance to Royal Naval vessels and is no more active since 2010.

A 13 meters round cylindrical masonry tower with gallery, painted white with a single red horizontal band. The lantern was removed around 2015. The keeper's house is now private residence. The light was discontinued on 18 March 2010. Located atop a cliff about 5 km northeast of Lybster, just off the A99 coastal highway.

This shore lighthouse was constructed in 1916 to a design by David A Stevenson, being a wartime measure to fill the gap between the lighthouses at Tarbat Ness and Noss Head. It became a major automatic light in 1964.

A small lighthouse built in 1916, and situated on a clifftop location within a compact compound also containing an ancillary building and keepers' house. Both the latter are single-storeyed and have flat roofs, and the house has been privately occupied since automation in 1964.

The white tower is distinguished by its red band ('cummerbund'). The available maps evidence depicts what appear to be ancillary buildings (possibly keepers' accommodation) at the base.


Character: (discont.)

Engineer: David Alan Stevenson (1854-1938)

Lat, Lon: 58°18.568' N, 03°12.728' W

Established: 1916
Character: ...
Range: ...
Elevation: ...
Tower: ...
Init. Costs: £ ?.
Econ. Costs*: £ ?.
*) According to:

Automated: 1964
Last Keepers: ? - PLK
: ? - ALK
: ? - ALK
Fog horn: ...

Status: Discontinued 18 March 2010
Authority: ...
Remarks: ...

Clyth Ness lighthouse
Clyth Ness lighthouse
Clyth Ness map
Clyth Ness map