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Lighthouses of the Outer Hebrides - Click on one of the lighthouses to see the details

Arnish Point
Barra Head
Butt of Lewis
Eilean Glas
Flannan Isles
Monach Islands
Tiumpan Head

Table of Lighthouses - Outer Hebrides
Name Est Engineer Lat, Lon Character Range Admiralty Authority
Arnish Point 1853 Alan Stevenson 58°11.477' N, 06°22.234' W Fl RW 10s 35.1km/19nM A3976 Stornoway Port Authority
Barra Head 1833 Robertr Stevenson 56°47.128' N, 07°39.210' W Fl W 15s 33.3km/18nM A4020 Northern Lighthouse Board
Butt of Lewis 1862 David L. Stevenson/
Thomas Stevenson
58°30.940' N, 06°15.717' W Fl W 5s 46.3km/25nM A3968 Northern Lighthouse Board
Eilean Glas 1789 Thomas Smith/
Robert Stevenson
57°51.414' N, 06°38.522' W Fl W 3s 33.3km/18nM A3990 Northern Lighthouse Board
Flannan Isles 1900 David A. Stevenson 58°17.294' N, 07°35.272' W Fl(2)W 30s 37km/20nM A4028 Northern Lighthouse Board
Haskeir 1997? David L. Stevenson/
Thomas Stevenson
57°41.957' N, 07°41.314' W Fl W 20s 54km/29nM A4020.3 Northern Lighthouse Board
Monach Islands 1864 David L. Stevenson/
Thomas Stevenson
57°31.555' N, 07°41.702' W Fl W 15s 33.3km/18nM A4020.5 Northern Lighthouse Board
Tiumpan Head 1900 David A. Stevenson/
Charles Stevenson
58°15.656' N, 06°08.335' W Fl(2) W 15s 46.3km/25nM A3972 Northern Lighthouse Board
Ushenish 1857 David L. Stevenson/
Thomas Stevenson
57°17.895' N, 07°11.580' W Fl WR 20s 35km/19nM A4004 Northern Lighthouse Board

Outer Hebrides

Flag Outer Hebrides Outer Hebrides map
The Outer Hebrides, also known as the Western Isles, Innse Gall ("islands of the strangers") or the Long Isle or Long Island, is an island chain off the west coast of mainland Scotland. The islands are geographically coextensive with Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, one of the 32 unitary council areas of Scotland. They form part of the Hebrides, separated from the Scottish mainland and from the Inner Hebrides by the waters of the Minch, the Little Minch and the Sea of the Hebrides. Scottish Gaelic is the predominant spoken language, although in a few areas English speakers form a majority.

Most of the islands have a bedrock formed from ancient metamorphic rocks and the climate is mild and oceanic. The 15 inhabited islands have a total population of 27,400[3] and there are more than 50 substantial uninhabited islands. From Barra Head to the Butt of Lewis is roughly 210 kilometers (130 mi).

There are various important prehistoric structures, many of which pre-date the first written references to the islands by Roman and Greek authors. The Western Isles became part of the Norse kingdom of the Suðreyjar, which lasted for over 400 years until sovereignty was transferred to Scotland by the Treaty of Perth in 1266. Control of the islands was then held by clan chiefs, principal of whom were the MacLeods, MacDonalds, Mackenzies and MacNeils.

The Highland Clearances of the 19th century had a devastating effect on many communities and it is only in recent years that population levels have ceased to decline. Much of the land is now under local control and commercial activity is based on tourism, crofting, fishing, and weaving.

Sea transport is crucial and a variety of ferry services operate between the islands and to mainland Scotland. Modern navigation systems now minimise the dangers but in the past the stormy seas have claimed many vessels. Religion, music and sport are important aspects of local culture, and there are numerous designated conservation areas to protect the natural environment.

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