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Lighthouses of the Shetland Islands

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Northern Light - Shetland
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Lighthouses of the Shetland Islands - Click on one of the lighthouses to see the details

Esha Ness
Fair Isle North
Fair Isle South
Firths Voe
Muckle Flugga
Out Skerries
Point of Fethaland
Sumburgh Head
Ve Skerries

Table of Lighthouses - The Shetland Islands
Name Est Engineer Lat, Lon Character Range Admiralty Authority
Bressay 1858 David L. Stevenson/
Thomas Stevenson
60°07.197' N, 01°07.283' W Fl(2) W 20s 43km/23nM A3776 Lerwick Port Authority
Esha Ness 1929 David A. Stevenson/
Charles Stevenson
60°29.350' N, 01°37.680' W Fl W 12s 46km/25nM A3838 Northern Lighthouse Board
Fair Isle North 1892 David L. Stevenson/
Thomas Stevenson
59°33.128' N, 01°36.571' W Fl(2) W 30s 41.1km/22nM A3752 Northern Lighthouse Board
Fair Isle South 1892 David A. Stevenson/
Charles Stevenson
59°30.833' N, 01°39.148' W Fl(4)W 30s 41km/22nM A3750 Northern Lighthouse Board
Firths Voe 1909 David A. Stevenson 60°27.224' N, 01°10.621' W Oc WRG 8s 28km/15nM A3812 Northern Lighthouse Board
Foula 1986 ? 60°06.746' N, 02°03.845' W Fl(3) W 15s 29km/18nM A3860 Northern Lighthouse Board
Muckle Flugga 1858 David L. Stevenson/
Thomas Stevenson
60°51.325' N, 00°53.123' W Fl(2) W 20s 41km/22nM A3832 Northern Lighthouse Board
Out Skerries 1854 David L. Stevenson/
Thomas Stevenson
60°25.469' N, 00°43.683' W Fl W 20s 33km/20nM A3807 Northern Lighthouse Board
Point of Fethaland 1977 ? 60°38.053' N, 01°18.689' W Fl(3) W 15s 39km/24nM A3817.5 Northern Lighthouse Board
Sumburgh Head 1821 Robert Stevenson 59°51.243' N, 01°16.476' W Fl(3)W 30s 43km/23nM A3766 Northern Lighthouse Board
Ve Skerries 1979 David A. Stevenson/
Charles Stevenson
60°22.387' N, 01°48.734' W Fl W 20s 20km/11nM A3847 Northern Lighthouse Board

The Shetland Islands

Shetland Flag Shetland Coat of Arms

Shetland(/ˈʃɛtlənd/; Scottish Gaelic: Sealtainn [ˈʃal̪ˠt̪ʰɪɲ]; Norn: Hjaltland), also called the Shetland Islands, is a subarctic archipelago of Scotland that lies northeast of the island of Great Britain and forms part of the United Kingdom.

The islands lie some 80 km (50 mi) to the northeast of Orkney and 280 km (170 mi) southeast of the Faroe Islands and form part of the division between the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the North Sea to the east. The total area is 1,466 km2 (566 mi2) and the population totalled 23,210 in 2012. The islands' administrative centre and only burgh is Lerwick. Also the capital of Shetland since 1708 taking over from Scalloway.

The largest island, known simply as "Mainland", has an area of 967 km2 (373 mi2), making it the third-largest Scottish island and the fifth-largest of the British Isles. There are an additional 15 inhabited islands. The archipelago has an oceanic climate, a complex geology, a rugged coastline and many low, rolling hills.

The early historic period was dominated by Scandinavian influences, especially Norway, and the islands did not become part of Scotland until the 15th century. When Scotland became part of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707, trade with northern Europe decreased. Fishing has continued to be an important aspect of the economy up to the present day. The discovery of North Sea oil in the 1970s significantly boosted Shetland incomes, employment and public sector revenues.

The local way of life reflects the joint Norse and Scottish heritage including the Up Helly Aa fire festival, and a strong musical tradition, especially the traditional fiddle style. The islands have produced a variety of writers of prose and poetry, often in Shetland Scots. There are numerous areas set aside to protect the local fauna and flora, including a number of important seabird nesting sites. The Shetland pony and Shetland Sheepdog are two well-known Shetland animal breeds. Shetland also has a breed of pig.

The islands' motto, which appears on the Council's coat of arms, is Með lögum skal land byggja. This Icelandic phrase is taken from the Danish 1241 Basic Law, Codex Holmiensis, and is also mentioned in Njáls saga, and means "By law shall land be built

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