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Lighthouses of the Isle of Man

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Douglas - Seafront Promenade
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Calf of Man
Chicken Rock
Douglas Head
Maughold Head
Point of Ayre

Table of Lighthouses - Isle of Man
Name Est Engineer Lat, Lon Character Range Admiralty Authority

Calf of Man 1818 Robert Stevenson 54°03.202' N, 004°49.748' W Discontinued -.- -.- Manx National Heritage

Chicken Rock 1875 David Lillie Stevenson
Thomas Stevenson
54°02.271' N, 004°50.315' W Fl W 5s 21 NM ~ 39 km A4748 Northern Lighthouse Board

Douglas Head 1857 David Lellie Stevenson
Thomas Stevenson
54°08.599' N, 004°27.947' W Fl W 10s 15 NM ~ 28 km A4770 Northern Lighthouse Board

Langness 1880 David Lellie Stevenson
Thomas Stevenson
54°03.294' N, 004°37.504' W Fl(2)W 30s 12 NM ~ 19.5km A4762 Northern Lighthouse Board

Maughold Head 1914 David Alan Stevenson
Charles Stevenson
54°17.734' N, 004°18.585' W Fl(3)W 30s 15 NM ~ 28km A4786 Northern Lighthouse Board

Point of Ayre 1818 Robert Stevenson 54°24.940' N, 004°22.090' W Fl(4) W 20s 19 NM ~ 35km A4720 Northern Lighthouse Board

Isle of Man

Flag of Isle of Man
Flag of the Isle of Man
Isle of Man Coat of Arms
Coat of arms

The Isle of Man, Man also spelled Mann, Manx-Gaelic; Ellan Vannin or Mannin, Latin; Mona or Monapia, one of the British Isles, located in the Irish Sea off the northwest coast of England.
The island is 52 kilometers long and, at its widest point, 22 kilometers wide. It has an area of around 572 km2

The island lies roughly equidistant between England, Ireland, Scotland (closest), and Wales (furtherst) and a very important place for Lighthouses . The Isle of Man is not part of the United Kingdom but rather is a crown possession (since 1828). The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who holds the title of Lord of Mann. The Lord of Mann is represented by a Lieutenant Governor. Foreign relations and defence are the responsibility of the British Government.

Besides the island of Man itself, the political unit of the Isle of Man includes some nearby small islands: the seasonally inhabited Calf of Man, Chicken Rock on which stands an unmanned lighthouse, St Patrick's Isle and St Michael's Isle. The last two of these are connected to themain island by permanent roads/causeways.

At the 2021 census, the Isle of Man was home to 84,096 people, of whom 26,677 resided in the island's capital, Douglas and 9,273 in the adjoining village of Onchan.

Douglas is the capital and also the largest town of the Isle of Man. Douglas grew rapidly in the 18th century as a result of the smuggling trade and by 1850 it was a popular residence place. The town’s primary occupations are tourism, light precision engineering, brewing, and mineral water. At the mouth of the river 'Glass' is the harbour. The city of Douglas can be viewed from a three kilometers seafront promenade around Douglas Bay (see the banner above).

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