Ardnamurchan lighthouse
Corran Point
Corran Point lighthouse
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Rubha Réidh
Rubha Réidh lighthouse
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Stoer Head
Stoer Head lighthouse
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West Coast

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Corran Point
Rubha Réidh
Stoer Head

Table of Lighthouses - Mainland - West Coast

Name Est Engineer Lat, Lon Character Range Admiralty Authority

Ardnamurchan 1849 Alan Stevenson 56°43.625' N, 006°13.558' W Fl(2)W 20s 18 NM ~ 33.3 km A4082 Northern Lighthouse Board

Corran Point 1860 David L. Stevenson
Thomas Stevenson
56°43.250' N, 005°14.540' W Iso WRG 4s 10 NM ~ 18.6km A4132 Northern Lighthouse Board

Rubha Réidh 1912 David A. Stevenson 57°51.527' N, 005°48.713' W Fl(4)W 15s 18 NM ~ 33.3 km A3900 Northern Lighthouse Board

Stoer Head 1912 David A. Stevenson 58°14.400' N, 005°24.158' W Fl(4) W 15s 18 NM ~ 33.3 km A3882 Northern Lighthouse Board

Mainland - West Coast

Wester Ross
Two of the lighthouses to be discussed are located in the Lochaber district. Lochaber is mentioned by Adomnan of Iona in his biography of St Columba. The story related to Columba using his saintly blessing to raise people out of poverty and make them wealthier.

In the story, Columba met a poor man named Nesán in Lochaber who had five cows. Columba blessed the poor man's cows and his own descendants, and the poor man's five cows multiplied until he had a herd of one hundred and five cows.

The Ardnamurchan lighthouse is located 75 kilometers from Fort William, at the very tip of the west coast mainland of Scotland. Along the way we also come across the Corran Point lighthouse which sits on a narrowing in Loch Linnhe.

On the west coast of mainland Scotland, in the north lies Stoer. Stoer (Scottish Gaelic: An Stòr) is a crofting township in the parish of Assynt, Sutherland, in the Highlands of Scotland and in the council area of Highland. Stoer is located about 9 kilometer north of the village of Lochinver. The Stoer Head lighthouse is located on a headland near Stoer

In Wester-Ross in the highlands of Scotland you drive from the village of Gairloch via the B8021, to the peninsula at the very tip of which is the Rubha Réidh lighthouse.

Lochaber- Wikipedia