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NLB vessels
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Bob Schrage
page update: 10-01-2021

NLB vessels through time from 1950 - 2000

Remark: Names were re-used, sometimes many times, and the numbers shown in brackets after the names of some vessels are for reference only – they were not carried on the vessels as there was only one vessel of a given name at any one time.

NLB Duty:1955 - 1988
Construction:Steel Twin Screw Motorvessel, 256.9 x 39.4 x 12.6 feet, 1712 Gross Tons, 592 Net Tons. Oil engines (2), 2SCSA, each 7-Cyl by British Polar Engines Ltd, Glasgow
History:1955: Built by Caledon vesselbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Dundee (507) and based at Granton
1963: Damaged by fire whilst in drydock at Troon
1988: Sold to Windjammer Cruises, Freeport, Bahamas for service as a cruise vessel for 80 passengers and mother vessel to a flotilla of yachts and renamed ORIENT EXPRESS
1988: Sold to Amazing Grace SA (R.G Garza Inc, managers), Panama and renamed AMAZING GRACE (94 passengers)
1994: Sold to Shower Holding Inc (International Maritime Resources Inc, managers), Malebo
2000: Owners now International Maritime Resources Ltd, registered at Port of Spain, still in service
NLB Duty:1961 - 1993
Construction:Steel Twin-Screw Motorvessel, 236.3 x 40.3 x 12.7 feet, 1328 Gross Tons; 396 Net Tons. Oil engines (2), 2SCSA, each 6-Cyl, by British Polar Engines Ltd, Glasgow
History:1961: Built by Caledon vesselbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Dundee, and based at Stromness
1993: Sold to Barefoot Rogue S.A. (International Marine Resources Inc, managers), San Lorenzo, Honduras and renamed ROGUE
1995: Whilst lying at Port of Spain under going conversion suffered severe damage during hurricane
1997: Sold to Jean Baptiste, Belize, name unchanged
1998: Whilst being pulled up on a slipway at Port of Spain, the rails of the cradle buckled and collapsed
2002: Believe still stranded on the slipway
NLB Duty:1964 - 2000
Construction:Steel Twin Screw Motorvessel, 238.9 x 40.3 x 18.5 feet, 1342 Gross Tons. Oil Engines (2) 2SCSA each 6-Cyl British Polar Engines Ltd, Glasgow
History:1964: Built by Blythswood vesselbuilding Co Ltd, Glasgow, (the last vessel to be built by Yard on 8 August 1963) and based at Oban
1994: Transferred to Stromness
2000: Sold to Tamahine Investments Ltd of Hong Kong, registered London and renamed WINDSOR CASTLE, still in service
2014: Purchased by The Royal Yacht Brittannia to be converted into a 25 bedroom luxury “boutique” hotel and renamed FINGAL in 2016.
NLB Duty:1993 - 8th September 2006
Construction:Steel Twin-Screw Diesel Electric, Length O A 79.58m Beam 14.0m, Draught 4.0m, 1986 Gross Registered Tonnage.
Diesel-electric, through two conventional main propelled aft and gill-jet bow thrusters, Service Speed 12 kts, 20 tonne crane,200 square metre Buoy Working Deck, Helicopter Deck.
History:1993: Built by Ferguson vesselbuilders Ltd, Port Glasgow, based in Oban.
2006: Sold 8 September to Byron Marine Ltd to work in the Falkland Islands, South Atlantic as a fishery patrol and logistic support vessel.

NLB vessels

Pharos (VIII)
Pharos (VIII), NLB Duty: 1955 - 1988

Pole Star (III)
Pole Star (III), NLB Duty: 1961 - 1993

Fingal, NLB Duty: 1964 - 2000

Pharos (IX)
Pharos (IX), NLB Duty: 1993 - 2006

NLB vessels- Graeme Somner