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NLB vessels
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Bob Schrage
page update: 10-01-2021

NLB vessels through time from ca. 1900 - 1950

Remark: Names were re-used, sometimes many times, and the numbers shown in brackets after the names of some vessels are for reference only – they were not carried on the vessels as there was only one vessel of a given name at any one time.

NLB Duty:1909 - 1955
Construction:Steel Twin-Screw Steamer, 206.4 x 31.2 x 15 feet, 921 Gross Tons, 393 Net Tons. Triple, 6-cyl by builders, 142 nhp
History:1909: Built by Wm Beardmore & Co Ltd, Glasgow (496)
1955: To release name for new vessel, renamed AVONTOUN.
1955: Arrived at Charlestown, Fife for breaking up by vesselbreaking Industries Ltd
NLB Duty:1930 - 1965
Construction:Steel Twin Screw Steamer, 195.7 x 31.1 x 14.5 feet, 750 Gross Tons, 328 Net Tons. Triple-expansion, 6 cyl by builders, 215 nhp
History:1930: Built by Wm Beardmore & Co Ltd, Glasgow (663)
1950: Converted to burn oil fuel
1961: To release name for new vessel, renamed MAY (IV), base transferred to Granton
1965: Sold to P & W MacLellan Ltd, Glasgow for breaking up
Name:MAY (II)
NLB Duty:1937 - 1962
Construction:Steel Twin-Screw Motorvessel,147.5 x 29.2 x 12.1 feet, 491 Gross Tons; 149 Net Tons. Oil engines (2), 2SCSA, each 5-cyl by British Auxiliaries Ltd Glasgow
History:1937: Built by A & J. Inglis Ltd, Glasgow (991P) and based at Granton
1961: To release name for POLE STAR (II) renamed MAY III
1962: Laid up at Leith pending disposal
1963: Sold to William J Sutton, London for gas/oil search operations and renamed SURVEYOR
1966: Sold to Overseas & General Brokerage & Finance Co Ltd, London, name unchanged
1969: Sold to Shackleton Aviation Ltd, London, name unchanged
1969: Sold to Gardline vesselping Ltd, London, name unchanged
1977: Sold to P & W McLellan Ltd and broken up at Bo'ness
NLB Duty:1938 - 1972
Construction:Steel Twin-Screw Motorvessel, 202.5 x 35.2 x 13.4 feet, 844 Gross Tons, 306 Net Tons. Oil engines (2), 2SCSA, each 8-cyl by British Auxiliaries Ltd, Glasgow
History:1939: Built by Caledon vesselbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Dundee, and based at Oban
1964: Transferred to Granton
1974: Sold to Cosag Marine Services Ltd of Great Yarmouth and renamed SPERUS
1982: Sold to Hydrosphere Ltd of London, name unchanged
1984: Sold to Sunderland to Liguria Maritime Ltd of Sittingbourne, Kent on authority of Admiralty Marshal, name unchanged
1985: Broken up on River Medway

NLB vessels

Pharos (VII)
Pharos (VII), NLB Duty: 1909 - 1955

Pole Star (II)
Pole Star (II), NLB Duty: 1930 - 1965 (in Dundee)

May (II)
May (II), NLB Duty: 1937 - 1962

Hesperus (II)
Hesperus (II), NLB Duty: 1938 - 1972

NLB vessels- Graeme Somner