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NLB vessels
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NLB vessels through time from ca. 1799 to 1850

Remark: Names were re-used, sometimes many times, and the numbers shown in brackets after the names of some vessels are for reference only – they were not carried on the vessels as there was only one vessel of a given name at any one time.

NLB Duty:1799 - c1810
Construction:Wooden Sloop, 49 x 18 x 8 feet, 59 Registered Tons
History:1799: Built at Elie, Fife for the Northern Lighthouse Board
1810c: Sold to unknown Leith owners, name unchanged
1814: Owners now Archibald Young, Alexander Crombie & Robert Cox, Leith, name unchanged
1823: Broken Up
NLB Duty:1807 - 1820
Construction:Wooden Sloop, 58 x 18 x 10 feet, 81 Registered Tons
History:1807: Built at Leith for the Northern Lighthouse Board
1820: Sold to Alexander Houston of Clarkington, Haddingtonshire, name unchanged
1823: Lost
NLB Duty:1807 - 1817
Construction:Wooden Sloop, 55 x 10 x ? feet, 42 Registered Tons
History:1807: Built at Leith for the Northern Lighthouse Board
1817: Sold - no further details
NLB Duty:1809 - Not known
Construction:Wooden Sloop, 42 Registered Tons
History:1807: Built at Arbroath, employed as assisting SMEATON in the construction of the Bell Rock Lighthouse.
1808: In service - no further details
NLB Duty:1809 - Not known
Construction:Sailing Vessel, 56 x 10 x ? feet, 46 Registered Tons
History:1808: Built at Kirkcaldy
1809: Purchased to assist SMEATON in construction of the Bell Rock Lighthouse, name unchanged. No further details.
NLB Duty:1816 - 1842
Construction:Wooden Sloop, 45 x 14 x 8 feet, 38 Registered Tons
History:1816: Built by Morton at Leith for the Commissioners and based at Leith as tender to Bell Rock Lighthouse.
1842: Sold to Archy MacQueen of Broadford, Skye, registered at Inverness, name unchanged
1858: Sold to James Finlay & John McGregor, Lochalsh, name unchanged
1859: Wrecked in Sound of Mull
*(PHAROS II was a lightvessel
NLB Duty:1820 - 1846
Construction:Wooden Schonner, 66 x 21 x 11 feet, 107 Registered Tons
History:1820: Built by Robert Davey, Topsham for the Board and based at Leith
1846: Sold to John Crabbie, Leith, name unchanged
1850: Sold to Thomas Mackie, Leith, name unchanged
1852: Sold to D R MacGregor, Leith, name unchanged
1859: Sold to Thomas Reddie, Charlestown, Fife, name unchanged
1863: Lost at sea
NLB Duty1839 - 1847
Construction:Wooden Paddle Steamer, 87.3 x 17.5 x 9.5 feet, 129 Gross Tons; 48 Net Tons
History:1839: Built by Robert Menzies & Sons, Leith and based at Hynish, Tiree in connection with the construction of the lighthouse on Skerryvore
1847: Sold to Liverpool Steam Tug Co, Liverpool, name unchanged
1850: Sold to John Houghton, Liverpool, name unchanged
1851: Sold to William M Jackson, Liverpool, name unchanged
1853: Sold to John Barnet, Liverpool and reduced to a brigantine, 215 reg, name unchanged
1860: Lost
NLB Duty1841 - 1852
Construction:Wooden Sloop, 58 x 16 x 9 feet, 51 Registered Tons
History:1841: Built by Robert Steele & Co, Greenock and based at Leith as tender to the Bell Rock Lighthouse
1852: Sold to William Hay, Lerwick as fishing vessel, name unchanged
1866: Owners now George H B Hay, Arthur J Hay & William Irvine
1883: Owners now George H B Hay & Arthur J Hay
1896: Sold to Danish owners - no further details available
NLB Duty1843 - 1852
Construction:Wooden Sloop, 39 x 13 x 7 feet, 24 Registered Tons
History:1842: Built by Thomas White, Cowes, Isle of Wight for Thomas & John White, Cowes
1843: Purchased, name unchanged
1852: Sold to John H Baikie, Kirkwall, re-rigged as dandy, name unchanged
1871: John H Baikie declared bankrupt and sold to John Hewison, Kirkwall, name unchanged
1871: Sold to James Seatter of Westray, re-rigged as a schooner, name unchanged
1883: Broken up at Westray, Orkney Islands
NLB Duty:1846 - 1861
Construction:Iron Paddel steamer, 143.2 x 21.7 x 14.8 feet, 270 Gross Tons; 186 Net Tons
History:1846: Built by Wm Fairbairn & Son, Millwall Works, London, and based at Leith
1861: Sold to Aberdeen, Grimsby & Hull Steam Packet Co, name unchanged
1863: Title of owners became Aberdeen & Hull Steam Navigation Co
1863: Sold to Aberdeen, Tyne & Hamburg Steam Navigation Co Ltd, Aberdeen, name unchanged
1864: Lengthened to 171.6 feet, tonnage now 328g 243n
1866: Transferred to Aberdeen, Newcastle & Hull Steam Co Ltd, Aberdeen
1877: Sold to Thomas Williamson, Barrow and broken up
NLB Duty1848 - 1851
Construction:Wooden Sloop, 38 x 10 x 5 feet, 16 Registered Tons
History:1841: Launched but not apparently registered.
1845: Rebuilt by Denny & Rankin, Dumbarton for Robert Mitchell, Leith, name unchanged
1848: Purchased, name unchanged
1851: Sold to John McLean of Kylerhea, registered at Inverness, name unchanged
1874: Sold to John McLachlan of Kilfinnan, name unchanged
1881: Sold to Peter McIntyre of Rothesay, name unchanged
1881: Broken up

NLB vessels

Smeaton sloop
SMEATON, NLB duty: 1807 - 1817 (near Bell Rock)

Pharos IV
SIR JOSEPH BANKS, NLB duty: 1809 - unknown

Pharos IV
PHAROS (IV), NLB duty: 1846 - 1861

Pharos (IV)
PHAROS (IV), NLB duty: 1846 - 1861

NLB vessels- Graeme Somner