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Northern Light - Shetland
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Point of Fethaland

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Point of Fethaland Lighthouse 1977. Active; focal plane 65 m (213 ft); three flashes every 15 s, white or red depending on direction. 7 m (23 ft) round cylindrical tower with lantern, painted white. One of several modern lights built to guide tankers to the oil terminal at Sullom Voe near Firths Voe. Trabas has a photo by Kees Aalbersberg, and Google has a satellite view. The Isle of Fethaland (actually a narrow-necked peninsula, not an island) is the picturesque northern tip of Shetland Mainland. Located near the extreme tip of the peninsula, accessible by a hiking trail. Site open, tower closed. Operator: Northern Lighthouse Board. ARLHS SCO-173; Admiralty A3817.5; NGA 3448. Fethaland is the most northerly point on Shetland’s Mainland. To get to the Point and its lighthouse, once again drive till the road ends and either follow the farm track or a coastal path (we went out by the former and back by the latter) before crossing onto an island via a spit of boulders and pebbles. Here, there are a dozen or so ruined fishing lodges used up until the early 20th century. On the way back, we visited the small churchyard of St Magnus with some unusual wooden grave “stones” – the one in the gallery below is for a two-year old boy who died in 1898.


Character: Fl(3) WR 15s 65m 24-20M
(fl. ?s - ec. ?s)


Lat, Lon60°38.053' N, 01°18.689' W

Character Flashing(3) White every 15 sec.
Range44.4 km / 24 nM
Tower7 meters
Elevation65 meters above sea-level
Fog horn-

AuthorityNorthern Lighthouse Board

Point of Fethaland lighthouse
Point of Fethaland lighthouse
Point of Fethaland map
Point of Fethaland map

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