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Northern Light - Shetland
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Firths Voe (Mossbank lighthouse)

Under construction

Description Metal tower on concrete plinth, octagonal shaft rising to balcony with handrail around circular lantern comprised of apron, curved glass and conical roof with domed ventilator. Felt roofed timber shed adjacent, cable stayed to concrete pads. Statement of Special Interest This building forms a picturesque group with the neighbouring bod (see separate listing), visible from around Firths Voe, and it is a reminder of Shetland's strong historical association with the sea.

Firths Voe lighthouseb is an important major aid to navigation helping guide vessels through the narrow approach channel to Sullom Voe via the south east entrance into Yell Sound. The light was established in 1909 by David A Stevenson. It has a character of occulting White/Red/Green every 8 seconds and a range of White 15 miles/Red 10 miles/ Green 10 miles. The light is a small 8 metre high cast iron structure.

1909 (David A. and Charles Stevenson). Active; focal plane 9 m (29 ft); light 6 s on, 2 s off, white, red, or green depending on direction. 9 m (29 ft) round cylindrical cast iron (?) tower with lantern and gallery, painted white. 1-story stone keeper's cottage. Shetlopedia's photo is at right, Trabas has a photo by Klaus Potschien, Mike Pennington has a photo, Jenšíková has a photo, and Google has a satellite view. Located in Firth, on the northern part of Shetland Mainland. Site open, tower closed. Operator: Northern Lighthouse Board. ARLHS SCO-082; Admiralty A3812; NGA 3428.


Character: Oc WRG 8s 9m 15-10M
(lt. 6.0s - ec. 2.0s)

EngineerDavid Alan Stevenson (1854-1938)

Lat, Lon60°27.224' N, 01°10.621' W

Character Oc WRG every 8 sec.
RangeW=15 nM. R=10nM, G=10 nM
Tower8 meters
Elevation9 meters above sea-level
Fog hornNo

AuthorityNorthern Lighthouse Board
RemarksCat. C listed nr:44532 - 26/03/1997

Firths Voe lighthouse
Firths Voe lighthouse
Firths Voe map
Firths Voe map

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