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Place of the lighthouse

Corran (Scottish Gaelic: An Corran) is a former fishing village, situated on Corran Point, on the west side of the Corran Narrows of Loch Linnhe, in Lochaber. There are three small settlements set apart from the main cluster of houses: North Corran, Clovullin and Sallachan.

A constriction in Loch Linnhe 2 km north of the entrance to Loch Leven, the Corran Narrows lies between Corran Point and Nether Lochaber, 15 km southwest of Fort William. The loch narrows from over 1.5 km in width to less than 200 meters. A ferry crosses to the Ardgour peninsula here, preventing a lengthy journey by road via Fort William and Kinlocheil.

Colored reflectors (click to enlarge)

Building of the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse on Corran Point was built in 1860 by Thomas and David Stevenson, for the Northern Lighthouse Board. The Lighthouse was built to help vessels navigate the Corran Narrows.

The Lighthouse, not far from the Corran Ferry from where it can be viewed well, is a circular stumpy 13-meter-high masonry tower white-painted with a gold painted corbelled wall head with cast-iron balustrade and service room below the lantern. The lantern is domed with lattice glass and painted black, in the same colour scheme as most Scottish lighthouses. There are also keeper's houses on the plot.

The lighthouse emits an Iso charactered white light with red and green sectors depending on which direction it is viewed from. The white light is visible for 18.6 km and the red and green sectors are visible for 13 km. The Lighthouse was one of the first in Britain to become Automatic, having been made so in 1898; still almost 10 years before any lighthouses in England were automated.

Operational status

The lighthouse is remotely controlled from the NLB Headquarters in Edinburgh.

The original optic is on display in the museum of the Scottish Lighthouses in Fraserburgh.

Today, the lighthouse remains in use. The Keeper's housing is now private property. The Highland Council Corran Ferry runs to Corran from eastern shore of the Narrows.

Airview - Aerialview (click to enlarge)


Character: Iso WRG 4s 12m 10/7M

Engineers: David Lillie Stevenson (1815-1886)
: Thomas Stevenson (1818-1887)

Lat, Lon: 56°43.250' N, 05°14.551' W

Established: 1860
Character: Iso WRG 4 secs.
Range: White: 18.6 km / 10 nM
: Red/Green: 13 km / 7 nM
Elevation: 12 meters above sea-level
Tower: 10 meters
Init. Costs: £ ?.
Econ. Costs*: £ ?.
*) According to:

Automated: 1898 (???)
Last Keepers: ? - PLK
: ? - ALK
: ? - ALK
Fog horn: No

Status: Operationel
Authority: Northern Lighthouse Board
Remarks: Cat.C listed - LB1689 - 20/07/1971

Corran point lighthouse
Corran point lighthouse
Corran point map
Corran point map


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