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Maughold Head

Maughold Head is the easternmost point of the Isle of Man and the closest point in the Isle of Man to England, being 50 kilometers (31 mi) from St. Bees Head in Cumbria. Maughold Head lies in the northeast of the island, some 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) from Ramsey, at the southern end of Ramsey Bay.

After a meeting on 3 February 1909 concerning new works, the board of Trade requested the observations of the Commissioners on a suggestion put forward by Mr Gardner (Engineer) that a fog horn be established at Maughold Head. The suggestion was put forward as a result of a complaint from Lord Inverclyde that the Whitestone Bank Light was often extinguished and on several occasions vesselping had come to grief. There being no light between Point of Ayre and Douglas Head, it was advised that a light and fog signal would be of great assistance to vesselping, but as the Commissioners had other proposed new works in progress it was decided that Maughold Head was not really urgent and would be included in the 1910-11 Estimates. On 26 August the statutory approval was sought from Trinity House. Trinity House declined to give their approval as a fog siren and light were already established at Bahama Bank (Bahama Bank Lightvessel) 4 miles from Maughold Head. The matter was retained for discussion. Trinity House sanction was again sought and it was granted because the Board of Trade had given their approval.

A Mr James MacBeth was appointed as Inspector of Works and Messrs D & J MacDougall of Oban were the building contractors.

Lanterns and parapet made by A C Westwood Machine with revolving carriage, Dove & Co Diamond incandescent burner for the illuminant was made by Chance Bros. The fog signal machinery was made by Dove &Co The estimates was in excess of £11,000 The proposed withdrawal of the Bahama Bank Lightvessel was consequent on the establishment of this station. The light was first exhibited on 15 April 1914. The 77 foot tower brings the lantern to about the same level as the lightkeepers houses on the cliff-top 128 steps above.

Although many Manx names come from the Norse language, no suitable derivation can be found for this name. It is propobably Gaelic although not spelt phonetically like Manx Gaelic and could be from Maug, a plain or meadow, and Allt a burn, the meadow of the burn.


Character: Fl(3) W 30s 65m 21M
(fl. 0.5s - ec. 2.0s)

EngineerDavid Alan Stevenson (1854-1938)
Charles Stevenson (1855-1950)

Lat, Lon54°17.734' N, 04°18.585' W

Established15 april 1914
Character Flashing(3) White every 30 sec.
Range38.8 km / 21 NM
Tower23 meters
Elevation65 meters above sealevel
Fog horn?????

AuthorityNorthern Lighthouse Board

Maughold Head Lighthouse
Maughold Head Lighthouse
Maughold Head map
Maughold Head map

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