Haskeir lighthouse
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Update: 29-03-2024

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Place of the lighthouse

Haskeir (Scottish Gaelic: Eilean Hasgeir), also known as Great Haskeir (Scottish Gaelic: Hasgeir Mhòr) is a remote, uninhabited and uninhabited island in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

It is located 13 kilometers west northwest of North Uist. 1 kilometer to the southwest are the skerries of Haskeir Eagach, consisting of a group of five rock stacks. 40 kilometers to the northwest is the St Kilda archipelago.

There is no anchorage or shelter. Access via the bluffs can be difficult, even in calm conditions. There are several natural rock arches and a high cliff on the north side of the island called Castle Cliff. Immediately to the north and south are several small skerries. There is very little vegetation except for a few sea rose, cuckoo flower, plantain and orache that can survive the salt spray. Much of the rock is Lewisian gneiss.

Skilðar or Skilðir (meaning shields) may have been the Old Norse name for Haskeir. Skildar certainly appears on a map by Nicholas de Nicolay from 1583.

There are several theories that somehow the conversion of this name to nearby St. Kilda created the name for this latter archipelago, the origin of which is otherwise obscure.

The active lighthouse on the island is built in 1997 and operated by the Northern Lighthouse Board, as well as the remains of a bothy, possibly built by fishermen from the Monach Isles. The lighthouse is equipped with a Tideland TRB400 - Flashing light.

Tideland’s TRB-400 is a stand alone, major lighthouse beacon equipped with uniquely designed injection moulded acrylic lenses. It is AC or DC powered and lends itself to a DC solar power system due to its unique efficiency. With an AC version, ranges of up to 24Nm are possible. Models are also available which use modern LED technology and ranges of 15Nm can be exceeded with very low power consumption.

Haskeir lighthouse
Haskeir lighthouse with solar panels



Character: Fl W 20s 44m 24M
(fl. 0.3s - ec. 19.7s)

Haskeir lighthouse
Lightcharacter of Haskeir (click to enlarge)
Engineer: Northern Lighthouse Board

Latitude: 57°41.950' N, 007°41.330' W

Established: 1997
Character: Flashing White every 20 secs.
Range: 24 NM ~ 44.4 km
Elevation: 44 meters above sealevel
Tower: 9 meters
Init. Costs: £ ?.
Init. Costs: £ ?.
Econ. Costs*: £ ?.
*) According to: MeasuringWorth.com

Automated: Initial
Fog horn: No
AIS: MMSI No 992351140
RACON: M (--) 14M

Status: Operational
Owner: Northern Lighthouse Board
Remarks: Fiber glass tower

Haskeir lighthouse
Lightsource used in Haskeir light

Haskeir lighthouse
Haskeir lighthouse

Haskeir lighthouse
Haskeir lighthouse

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