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Neist Point - Isle of Skye
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Loch Indaal (Rubh' an Duin) light is located on the Southeast side of the Rinns of Islay on the island of Islay off of the west coast of Scotland. The light is near the town of Port Charlotte (on the road to Bruichladdich) and so is often called the Port Charlotte light.

The tower height is 13 meters. The night characteristic is a flash every 7 seconds, white and red sectors. The lighthouse is a white cylindrical brick tower with black lantern. The station was established in 1869 and the engineers were David & Thomas Stevenson. It is still operational but only the grounds of the tower are open. The former keeper's dwelling is now known as Lochindaal House and offers self catering accommodation for six. See Lochindaal House for details. Google has a Satellite view showing the location of the former keeper's dwelling and the light on the rocky promontory.


Character: Fl WR 7s 15m 11-8M
(fl. 0.2s - ec. 9.8s)

Engineers: David Lillie Stevenson (1815-1886)
: Thomas Stevenson (1818-1887)

Lat, Lon: 55°44.686' N, 06°22.335' W

Established: 1869
Character: Flashing W/R every 7 secs.
Range: W: 20.3 km/11 nM - R: 14.8 km/8 NM
Elevation: 15 meters above sea level
Tower: 13 meters
Init. Costs: £ ?.
Econ. Costs*: £ ?.
*) According to:

Automated: ?
Last Keepers: ? - PLK
: ? - ALK
: ? - ALK
Fog horn: No

Status: Operational
Authority: Lochindaal House

Loch Indaal lighthouse
Loch Indaal lighthouse
Loch Indaal lighthouse
Loch Indaal  map

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