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Neist Point - Isle of Skye
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Òigh-sgeir (in Scots Gaelic, Hyskeir in Norse) lies 10 km southwest of Canna and 14 km west of Rum and is composed entirely of columnar basalt.

Hyskeir lighthouse was established in 1904. The 39 meters high lighthouse marks the southern end of the Minch, warning of the presence of the Mills Rocks, Canna and Hyskeir itself. It was designed by David and Charles Stevenson and constructed by Oban contractor Messrs D & J MacDougall.

The white tower was manned until March 1997, becoming one of the last lighthouses in Scotland to be automated. The keepers were briefly known for their one-hole golf course following their appearance on TV.

Hyskeir lighthouse

Now controlled by the Northern Lighthouse Board in Edinburgh, it displays three white flashes every thirty seconds.

Hyskeir and its lighthouse feature extensively in Peter Hill's book Stargazing: Memoirs of a Young Lighthouse Keeper.

Hyskeir (Oigh Sgeir) Lighthouse is situated on rocks approximately 5 miles south west of Canna and 8 miles west of the island of Rhum. It was established in 1904 to light the southern end of the Minch and to warn vesselping off Mills Rocks, Canna Island and the rock on which the lighthouse is built.

Both Hyskeir and Canna are low lying and, prior to the establishment of the light, difficult to observe.

D A Stevenson estimated the cost at £15,134 and the work was given to the Oban contractor Messrs D & J MacDougall. The optics were supplied by Chance Brothers costing £821, the lanterns and parapet by Dove and Co., Edinburgh £1,275.

The families of the Hyskeir Lightkeepers lived in Oban and the keepers were taken out from there by helicopter for their month of duty. The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland visited Hyskeir by helicopter in 1974.

Although the keepers were taken to and from the rock by helicopter, for their reliefs, heavy items such as oil and equipment have to be landed by the lighthouse vessel PHAROS. During the winter of 1980, bad weather had prevented the lighthouse vessel FINGAL from delivering ten barrels of oil on a number of occasions between September and January. When the supplies were finally landed, only 2 days' supply of oil had been left at the station.


Character: Fl(3) W 30s 41m 24M
(fl. 0.3s - ec. 3.0s)

EngineerDavid Alan Stevenson (1815-1886)
Charles Stevenson (1855-1950)

Lat, Lon56°58.163' N, 06°40.816' W

CharacterFlashing(3) White every 30 secs.
Range44.4 km / 24 NM
Tower39 meters, 155 steps to top of the tower
Elevation41 meters above sea level
Fog hornYes
AISMMSI No 992351094

AuthorityNorthern Lighthouse Board

Hyskeir lighthouse
Hyskeir lighthouse
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